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Holly-Eloise Walters

Author of The Most Happy.




Told in the first person, this is a truly fascinating story of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII. We relive Anne's life through her own eyes, from the happy, privileged daughter, playing with her siblings Mary and George in the grounds at Hever Castle to her very last moments in the royal apartments at the Tower of London. Though this story is partly fiction, the book is extremely well researched with loads of facts thrown in and the historical figures we know from the history of the Tudors are vividly portrayed and brought to life by Holly. I was extremely privileged to be her beta reader and devoured each chapter in no time anxiously awaiting Holly sending me the next instalment.

Linda Jefferys

ALA Book CLub.

Whether you've read lots of books about Anne before like me or you're new to her story Holly’s book is wonderful, it’s a piece of history so vivid and detailed rich in twists and turns, so utterly beautiful yet brutal. Anne Boleyn comes across in this novel as an extraordinary woman, especially for her time educated, sophisticated, funny, witty and clever but she also took incredible risks, whether by choice or by force and ultimately she was betrayed by the man who loved her, gave her everything, the same man who then took it all away. Holly’s account of the life of one of England's most fascinating Queens IMO is absolutely first-rate.

ALA Book Club.


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Holly-Eloise Walters is an author from Bristol, England. She debuted with her first book, The Most Happy on the 4th October 2019. She has always enjoyed writing and intends to continue her work within the historical fiction genre.  Holly is 26 years old and has lived in Bristol her whole life. Her first book, The Most Happy is a historical fiction based upon the life of Anne Boleyn.

Holly wishes to breathe new life into historical figures and has quoted that her goal for The Most Happy was to "Give Anne back her voice."  She goes on to say.

"I have always disliked how some of our history is seen as nothing more than a name in a book. We forget that Anne, like many others was a real person with real thoughts and feelings."

The Most happy is now available to buy in paperback or Ebook on

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